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What is style?” - You have four hours to answer!

Setting aside the philosophical dimension of this question, and reducing it to a purely commercial issue (after all, shopping is life!), we have come up with a simple definition of what style means.

For us, style is the individual way a person dresses: matching one particular piece with another, expressing their personality through their clothes, making a hairstyle their own and, of course, choosing the right shoes! There are lots of different styles and we have tried to interpret them as best we can, with a focus on shoes, to make it easier to find the dream shoes to match your own style. 


Sexy, dandy, badass, pump-it-up, boho, punk... all adjectives to describe very different types of shoe and very different looks! But be careful not to confuse look with style. Remember, Coco Chanel famously stated, "Fashion goes out of fashion, but style never does!”. Style is the way you wear your clothes, how you present yourself, and the clothing and accessory choices you make. Do you know what your style is? Let it guide you to your perfect pair of shoes!


Whether you’re classic or rebellious, urban or bohemian, trendy or natural, you can hone your style in the Vanessa Wu e-shop. Browse our Style Edit and be inspired! Our selection by ‘style’ will meet your fashion and comfort criteria, and let you to get straight down to the business of finding shoes to match your style. Because shoe shopping is serious business!


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