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Contemporary art fairs and exhibitions hold no secrets for the new breed of cultured woman whose love of art can be seen right down to her choice of footwear. An arty woman embodies everything Pop. And like “Pop save the Queen”, her style puts her right up there with fashion royalty.

Those who pull off the arty style have something to shout about. It's a considered approach that favors shapes and colors over words as a form of self-expression. Dressing becomes as much of an artistic gesture as writing, composing or creating.


An arty woman knows just how to portray herself.

She sees herself as a work in progress. She puts herself out there, displaying a “look at me” attitude to everybody around her. In her eyes, nothing is more important than being different. Standing out from the crowd, performing.

In this aesthetic quest, every eccentricity is allowed, so long as the balance is right and the outfit is coordinated. Like Alexander Calder’s ‘mobiles’, the arty woman deconstructs her look, adjusting the emphasis to create a work of art in a constant state of renewal. The possibilities are endless - geometry is her only constraint.

She takes her inspiration from pop prints, flashy colors, graffiti, photography and minimalist motifs. Then it’s all about knowing which shapes and materials work together to create a perfectly framed portrait of arty style.


More lifestyle than style

The arty trend becomes deep-rooted, allowing its followers to freely express their own creativity. Arty look devotees exude elegance and confidence, creating a silent dialogue - a graphic narrative without words - that you cannot help but agree with. It’s the art of knowing how to please.

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