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“Femuline” fashion has arrived and, to put it bluntly, there’s nothing tomboyish about it! Rather, it is full-on androgynous, whether your footwear of choice is sneakers or ultra-chic Derby shoes.

Think Katharine Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich and Coco Chanel. They were the pioneers of a style that borrows elegant, comfortable shapes and fabrics from men, while remaining utterly feminine. The newest generation of devotees - Tilda Swinton, Ana Gimeno Brugada, Kirsten Stewart and even our Frenchy Adèle Haenel - like to take elements of a male wardrobe and add their own twist with a bright lipstick or platinum-blond highlights.

Today's androgynous woman embodies the pioneering spirit of yesteryear, while adding a grace and sensitivity of her own. Her casual flair, informality and at times nonchalance are the perfect foil to soften the rigidity of a cut or a man’s suit. And then her tomboy side emerges in all its impish, urchin glory.


The boyish woman likes to mix genres

The boyish woman likes to mix genres, brushing aside formal dress codes to invent her own style, which is neither masculine nor feminine, but a little of both. A new genre or a new gender? It’s all about appearances; her attitude is asexual, yet seductive at the same time. In some ways, Lady Dandy symbolizes the harmonious yin and yang of masculine and feminine influences, while leaving the sweet scent of scandal in her wake.

Boyish style cods need to obey a simple rule

They must be adaptable, beautiful and practical. These are the prerequisites for a harmonious femuline wardrobe. But it is important that you truly make them your own. Because androgynous style does not tolerate subterfuge (= intentional equivocation intended to mislead without explicitly lying).

The boyish uniform

Blazers, shirts, cardigans, suspenders, bow ties, scarves, hats and, of course, the timeless brogue are all part of the gentlewoman’s collection. And don’t forget the other little details that are just as important: the watch, sunglasses and perfume. Your signature scent underlines the very essence of what androgynous style is all about.

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