A revolutionary song

A spirit of resistance is emerging

It seems like a long time ago that Yves Saint-Laurent shocked the world with his ‘Forties’ collection. Today’s fashions are sleeker and more standardized, so what happened to that revolutionary push that drove certain designers?

Is that a tidal wave ahead, or just a few ripples? On catwalks and on chests, the political messages are proliferating. The biggest names in fashion are declaring their militant inspiration loud and clear. Karl Lagerfeld drew on feminist unrest for his Spring-Summer 2015 collection, and then the following winter, Marc Jacobs included the New York Guardian Angels in his show. And Vivienne Westwood endorsed the 'yes' vote for Scottish independence. Fashion newcomers have added their voices to the mix with collections that come across as manifestos. So, are we seeing fashion stagnate in a conformist rut, or is there a revolution on the cards?

Creating a stink for attention won’t work, especially not in the fashion world. What counts is style, and style that lasts. According to Olivier Saillard, "Fashion is a language; a creative universe we can embody if we have things to say. You can’t keep up with fashion today if you’re not an author.” Maybe a spirit of resistance is emerging, as per the slogans on Bleu de Paname’s sweatshirts? But fashion dearest, don’t forget to look before you leap. Resist. Prove that you exist!

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