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The glamour woman has a gift for turning her myriad outfits into a tribute to femininity. Her sex appeal is clear through her posture, attitude and state of mind. Free-spirited and confident, the glamour woman knows how to use her body and body language as weapons of mass seduction, and has adopted passionate red as her trademark hue.

Once glamorous, always glamorous!

Being glamorous is a full-time affair. It’s not just about slipping on a low-cut top, leather skirt and killer heels — the holy trilogy of glamour. It’s more about a lifestyle choice, a strength of character. The glamour woman has no interest in highly feminized stereotypes. More feminine than sexy, she brings spirit and elegance to the glamour game. Even when wearing a simple outfit, glamour woman has a knack for choosing the right accessories to perfect her look.


Glamour has its own way of doing things

Waists are often cinched to show off curves; fabrics are smooth, satiny and hold their shape for a very structured look; and basic black is frequently paired with more vibrant hues. The glamour woman embodies a particular type of femininity that affirms her gender and all it represents. A woman, yes. Submissive, never! Not to men, nor to the dictates of fashion! The glamour woman likes to throw a bit of vintage into the mix. She has a special fondness for lightweight, undulating fabrics like chiffon, silk and taffeta. In winter, she opts for flannel, cool wool or velvet.

Her favorite bright colors include electric blue, red, emerald green and bright yellow. Her closet is packed with every type of form-fitting piece from pleat-free pants, frock coats, bustiers and jumpsuits to simple, tapered dresses with cinched waists, not forgetting a wool velvet coat or hooded cape.

Glamorous shoes and accessories

As far as shoes are concerned, the glamour woman has her sights set on comfortable, feminine footwear. She particularly likes mid-heel pumps, boots and thigh-highs. Her jewelry is bold and beautiful — the glamour woman loves to shine! Her bag is big, and her designer sunglasses are chunky. Her makeup is sparingly but expertly applied. Lips are highlighted in red to affirm the sensual, sophisticated charm of a woman who elicits desire.

« When in doubt, wear red. »
                                          Bill Blass

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