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It seems that there’s some common ground during the World Cup. As a rule, we Frenchwomen are pretty indifferent to soccer, but suddenly we take a great interest in the French football team - even more so when the Blues are winning! A multicultural women’s team may be a symbol of the possibility of a united France. But how do you dress to support your favorite French women’s team? Here’s our fashion referee’s guide on how to avoid the red card.

paris-saint-germain-koche-fashion-week-nss magazine

Paris Fashion Week, September 2017. Koché surprised everyone by featuring models in soccer shirts in Paris Saint-Germain colors, elegantly styled and accessorized with Swarovski crystals, or made from patchwork. Designer Christelle Kocher explained her approach:

« Since I started out, I’ve been exploring the relationship between a ready-to-wear wardrobe, haute couture craftsmanship, and street culture energy. I’ve noticed that recently, more and more young people have been wearing football shirts. »

The ever-increasing influence of streetwear and gender fluid fashion has established this sports top’s place in everyday life. Trainers have a cult following, attracting masses of ever more sophisticated fans and collectors. So it’s hardly surprising that the football shirt, a strong, symbolic statement, has taken over the unisex locker room. But can it really be part of a girl’s wardrobe, to show our support at the match?


Yes, yes, and yes again! With the revival of 1990s subcultures and rap videos, women are laying claim to athleisure, adapting it to suit their own style. Influencers, with their quest to stand out from the crowd, are customizing football shirts. Selma Kaci Sebbagh wears hers personalized with patches, with other pieces that counterbalance her casual side, such as a pink suit or floral satin trousers. Blogger Hera Pradel takes ultra-feminine pieces, such as a black tulle dress, and styles them over the top of a French football shirt, for a kick off with flair!

If a football shirt seems a bit too much, why not simply go for a scarf? If you support the French, a white scarf with little spots will echo their away kit and help them on their way to victory. And on your feet? A pair of oversized Vanessa Wu white-soled trainers - that’s W for Win!

(c) Photo Credits:
Photo 1: Paris Saint Germain Koché Fashion Week - Nss Magazine
Photo 2: Season issue 2 AW23 Photographer Alice Jacquemin, stylist Fleur Bellanger - Nss magazine

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