A treat of a look, not a trick!

No, this isn’t a list of costume ideas for the day fast approaching in everyone’s calendar: October 31. If that’s what you’re after, you’d be better off finding your own misfortune on Amazon or some other online costume store. In this Halloween-themed edition, we’re looking for something a little goth and a little punk to fit our fall aesthetic, because we love that hint of cheeky defiance these styles bring to an ensemble!

But first, a bit of culture: Halloween is a contraction of All Hallows Eve, which was the night before All Saints’ Day. In Christian tradition, on the night before the Feast of All Saints, it was believed that evil spirits would come back to haunt the living. Fires would be lit, and everyone would wear black to ward off the risk of being possessed. Over the years, ancestral traditions have given way to more commercial celebrations, but Halloween is now becoming a little bit cooler every year. You only have to look at top model Heidi Klum’s costumes from the past few years to see that, above and beyond partying like poltergeists, Halloween invites us to be children again, at least for an evening.

For a Wednesday Addams Look

She is the ultimate gothic icon! Wednesday of Addams family fame is the archetype of that girl that everyone would like to be for a day: those scathing put-downs, that badass sense of style, and a presence that could make anyone shudder. Getting the neo-Victorian silhouette right is crucial, so slip on a black dress with buttons down the front, opaque black tights and a good pair of black and anthracite loafers by Vanessa Wu.



For a Sabrina Spellman Look

Part your hair to one side, paint your lips crimson red and throw on a scarlet top with a lace collar and a black faux-leather skirt. Sabrina Spellman, eat your heart out! To follow in the footsteps of Greendale’s Teenage Witch, we’d go for a pair of Vanessa Wu black crocodile-effect ankle boots with a double buckle.



For a Maleficent Look

Prepare to go all out! For a look that is attractive but still villainous, we’d suggest a black shirt with batwing sleeves, a long black coat with a raised collar and faux-fur sleeves. Help yourself to a mix of alternative accessories from the punk scene: piercings, dog collars, Vanessa Wu cowboy-style cutout ankle boots with laces and buckles, and under no conditions forget the blood red lips!

For a Jack-O’-Lantern Look

Sorry, pumpkin, we only want your color! Terracotta orange is bang on trend at the moment, as it epitomizes the seventies aesthetic we can’t get enough of. In velvety fabrics - like these rust-colored corduroy ankle boots - it makes for a stunning look. We paired these boots with a chunky turtleneck sweater (in, you guessed it, orange!) and a long men’s houndstooth coat in orange and white. Happy Halloween!


(c) Photo credits, in order of appeareance
Photos 1-2-3-4: photographer @alexsocks
Photo 5: photographer @mariondubanchet, artistic direction @adelaideblanc

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