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13 août

The right shoes to wear with a jumpsuit

It’s this season’s flagship piece and it’s here to stay. Summer and winter alike, the jumpsuit - and its younger sibling the playsuit - will give an elegant edge to your style. Provided, of course, you’re wearing the right shoes!

To make sure you are, heed the advice of Isabelle Thomas, stylist (Styliste Personnelle) and journalist for women’s press (L’Express Styles).

With a loose-fit jumpsuit, relaxation and comfort are the watchwords. You can even roll up the hems to show some ankle. A small ¾-1” hem raised to 2” above the ankle is a good way to lengthen a shorter silhouette. Heeled shoes are not mandatory with a jumpsuit, so to feel more comfortable, slip on a pair of Vanessa Wu sneakers or Derby shoes. A jumpsuit-moccasin combination is also an attractive one, especially with a babouche-style pair for that uber-chic Medina-Mediterranean vibe. If the jumpsuit is cut well above the ankle and has a fitted waist, masculine style shoes are just perfect, with women’s brogues giving your inner Lady Dandy a chance to shine.

Junesixtyfive - Look - combi ample

With a fluid, flared jumpsuit in a fine fabric like silk, it’s better to opt for a full-length leg and heeled sandals to elongate your silhouette. For those who love speed (first dressed and first to arrive), sleek Derby shoes with a chunky sole will bring your outfit together while keeping you comfortable.

With a straight-cut jumpsuit, anything goes (or almost anything!). Pointed pumps or stilettos are a must, creating a racy, feminine vibe. Finished off with a blazer and a clutch, you're good to go.

Combinaison noire comment la porter - My man dressed me

The ‘it’ jumpsuit everyone wants right now is the boilersuit, teamed with Doc Marten-style lace-up boots or white or gold sneakers. Chelsea boots are also a good option, giving your boilersuit a chic air that will never run out of steam. Even singer Jain has tossed aside her little black dress with Peter Pan collar in favor of a blue boilersuit and white sneakers on her new album cover.


And which shoes go best with a playsuit?

Sandals, especially flat sandals, are an elegant accompaniment to a playsuit. Opt for a pair with a very fine ankle strap. Espadrille wedge sandals are also a good choice, stabilizing your silhouette by anchoring you firmly to the ground and creating a relaxed, holiday vibe. And on a summer evening, pair your playsuit with jeweled sandals or kitten heels to stunning effect.

Combishort - Maison Père

"In an all-in-one, you’ll be the one to watch! Some of our favorites are designed by Carolina Ritzler, whose creations are named after famous movie stars. From Nikita, to Farrah Fawcett and Sue Ellen from Dallas, the masculine jumpsuit has never looked so feminine and sensual. You can opt to jump or play, as long as your suit and shoes hit it off !" 

Photos credits:
Junesixtyfive - Look combi ample
Combinaison noire : comment la porter ? - My man dressed me
Couverture Album Jain "Souldier" - Photo by Paul Martin - Culturebox
Combishort by Maison Père


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