How to adopt metallic sneakers?

Metallic shades are making a big comeback in closets everywhere.

Although they’re often used to add a bit of sparkle to wild evening wear, these days we’re tempted to let them shimmer in the daylight on our favorite sneakers. Are you ready to try out a brave (and shiny) new look? Then follow our guide! 


In the 60s, when the space race was in full swing, its influence could also be felt on the catwalks at Fashion Week. The Space age trend was born: futuristic fashion, aspiring to the heights of the astronaut with geometric cuts and novel materials from PVC to... metal! With inspiration from Pierre Cardin and André Courrège, things have moved on since then and there’s no need to wear actual metalmetallic shades are proving their mettle as this season’s latest must-haves.  

Vanessa Wu was quick off the mark in incorporating these colors into her sneaker designs, which are considered by many to be some of her most iconic pieces. Take the classic Velcro sneaker for example, revamped with a metallic crackled effect that exposes the padded black material underneath. This play of materials is complemented by suede-effect Velcro sections in a masterful mix of soft and strong colors, making these sneakers the ideal accompaniment for small steps and giant leaps alike, elevating any look with just the right balance of twinkle 

Towards a casual metallic look?

In reality, adopting the metallic trend doesn’t mean that you’ve got to dress like an astronaut returning from a space mission. We like to set off strong pieces such as this with more classic basics: for example, to create contrast between a statement piece and more neutral items, we’d team jeans and a trench coat with these Vanessa Wu sneakers with their gold metallic details. The metallic details add a boost of energy to this outfit’s classic silhouette, while retaining an air of casual cool. A little bonus: the yellow leopard print detail at the back of the shoe is a smart match for the shoe’s gold tones, creating a bright touch of pop. The tried-and-tested trench coat and jeans combo is given a little pep that will help you stay one step ahead of your daily routine.


Or retro vibe?

From lamé to paillettes (and let’s not forget sequins!), metallics were in the DNA of the 80s. The shinier the better! We could hardly touch on the metallic trend without paying homage to the 80s – a decade that massively contributed to its widespread appeal. Carefully sidestepping anything too ostentatious – disco ball, we’re looking at youwe’ve opted for a pair of silver Vanessa Wu sneakers with creeper soles, offset by an oversized sweater dress. The look is funky and colorful thanks to the metallic green heel counter, which subtly complements the lilac dress. Why not wear these Vanessa Wu sneakers with bare legs and mid-length socks for a well-executed look with retro overtones? 


Go for a pair of metallic sneakers. Do you want a casual look or a more elaborate one? No matter, one thing is sure, you won't make any mistakes! 

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