Winter 2022/2023 it-bags! Follow our guide!

The bag, an essential item for any fashionista, or any normal woman with self-respect... 

Let it be said, it's the ultimate accessory. Who doesn't feel naked without their bag? Put your hand up if you’re in the same mindset as the #vanessawufamily ! 


Except that there are a plethora of bags out there, thousands of them in fact, and each season, new shapes and materials make their appearances on the catwalks, and sometimes it can be complicated to navigate your way around them. An it-bag is constantly replacing its predecessor. Whether you’ve got a worn-out team tote bag or a luxury bag that cost a pretty penny, your bag will always be your best ally. It pretty much contains your whole life (or at least your keys and your credit card, which isn’t a bad start). 

This season, we decipher the major trends that we will all want to adorn our shoulders.   


The women's handbag is a veritable toolbox, just like the one plumbers carry around. And all day, as soon as they have a moment, they repair.

Jean Cau


The city bag 

Thanks to the advent of the banana bag in recent years, we are now getting used to the smaller format. A nomadic bag, which allows us to have all our day and night essentials close at hand. We love its mini-format with maximum versatility because it goes with us everywhere and can contain all our essentials (and secrets...). 

Looking for a chic allure? Opt for the shoulder version. The secret is to hold your head high when carrying a mini bag on your shoulder, like a ballet dancer ready to conquer the stage. The baguette version is definitely the fashion reference for all winters. The good news? The mini shoulder bag dresses your silhouette by its mere presence! Even when jogging, a mini bag will immediately make your outfit trendier and give you an athleisure look. And if you are already on your 31st, it will accentuate your femininity. And yes, the bag has unsuspected great powers.   

For a more casual look, choose a shoulder strap model. We like its "hands-free kit" look which allows you to show off the adventurer in you. It can therefore slip over all your outfits and unlike the shoulder model, the shoulder strap version relaxes your outfits and brings a touch of cool to the most elaborate looks.

The fluffy version  

Who doesn’t want a comforting bag that we can hold close during extremely cold spells? A cuddly toy bag that you can take everywhere and add a touch of softness? It can easily be matched with the Olga quilted ankle boots, for even more comfort. Long live the faux fur maxi bag for your daily essentials; we embrace the season of falling leaves, raclette and snowball fights. With this bag, you’re a 100% winter girl, there’s no doubt about it.   

For a slightly more discreet look, touches of faux fur can also be added to your accessories; after all, you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a giant stuffed animal under your armpits. Tone-on-tone suede goes perfectly with faux fur. For maximum consistency, you can opt for the shopping bag format, a shape that allows you to carry all your essentials with you all day long.   

Feel like trying something more feminine? Set your sights on the trapeze shape. Goes perfectly with both an office girl look (tailored skirt, blouse, and low heels) and a more casual look (flared jeans, sweatshirt, and wedge sneakers). One bag, infinite possibilities, matching perfectly with your day’s mood.   


Our Winter 2022-2023 trendy bags are definitely focused on comfort and that's good, it's THE key value at Vanessa Wu. We know that self-confidence is essential to move forward, it means feeling good about yourself and comfortable in your outfit. Vanessa Wu bags are therefore thought of as everyday allies, allowing you to face the day ahead. Comfort, yes, but always with a touch of style!   

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