a walk in vanessa’s shoes

Core to her philosophy: a beautiful, long-lasting, affordable product

Vanessa Wu, designer for the eponymous brand, has a deeply-rooted respect for comfort. After developing a foot problem while she was growing up, she always needs to choose her footwear with certain set criteria in mind. Faced with a very limited choice once she’d made comfort her absolute priority, Vanessa was already sketching out her future vocation, without even realizing it.

A burgeoning creative streak blossomed while at Lanvin, where Vanessa started out as an assistant product manager, finding out about every angle of an industry that she was passionate about, and learning to master many different aspects. She later went back home to be with her family, who were skilled in shoe sales. It was meant to be a temporary move, but proved to be a revelation.

Motivated by strong values which have helped to enrich her career, she went on to make these principles central to her identity: firstly, a desire to help women, which has driven her to imagine innovative solutions, with technology and craftsmanship at the service of women’s well-being, but, also, a self-confidence that boosts her customers, giving them the key to live their everyday heroine lives, while in their stylish boots or sneakers, of course.

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