How to wear chunky sneakers or dad shoes?

What is a dad shoe?

Who are these super stylish statement sneakers for? Well, as a matter of fact, they look good with all styles and silhouettes! With their XXL soles — lugged for Pierre Hardy, triple S for Balenciaga and shark’s tooth for Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy — hybrid sneakers have made an incredible comeback, rocketing dad shoes to the dizzying heights of it-shoes! Next to them, sensible Stan Smiths fall just a little flat!

So how exactly has this ugly sneaker, which fell from grace at the end of the 1990s, become such a clearly identifiable object of desire? In true normcore logic, normal and elite become one, which explains how dad shoes — a fashion faux pas from yesteryear — have regained their style mojo. Along with fanny packs and cycling shorts, chunky-soled sneakers are a must-have in a fashion world that reviles one day and reveres the next. But please don’t wear all three at once!


A fashion superstar for the past twelve months, the dad shoe is reinventing itself, leading from the front on a new moonwalk of its own. We pick up on this space theme to explain how to ensure your look is more twinkling star than full-blown astronaut.

Dramatically formulate plug-and-play ideas

The advantage of a dad shoe is that it goes with everything. A bit like a Stan Smith, it’s the perfect partner for a Sporty Chic, Masculine-Feminine or an all- out Glamorous look! Here are our tips on how to successfully mix & match this one-of-a-kind sneaker:

  • With 3⁄4 pants and an XS puffer jacket
  • With cropped jeans and a plaid frock coat
  • With an oversized, tailored pantsuit
  • With a denim jumpsuit
  • With a flowing mid-calf-length dress and a colorful faux fur coat
  • With jogging pants and a Leon K-Way waterproof jacket
  • With a sporty skirt and a biker jacket
  • With corduroy pants

The advantage of a dad shoe is that it goes with everything!

Conclusion :

In the eyes of Vanessa Wu, who has made comfortable, on-trend footwear her signature, dad shoes with a couture touch are a wardrobe must-have. Once adopted, they become the cutting-edge foundation for a well-put-together look. So, don’t wait till winter to add this versatile sneaker to your shoe closet! Choose your dad shoes now from a very chic selection. Designer Vanessa Wu has left no style stone unturned with her chunky-soled, multicolored versions that pay tribute to the “Back to the 90s” trend!
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