Kitten Heel Kit

Kitten heel, cute heel! 

The Kitten heel is making a comeback for neo-burgesses who like to flirt with a gait that combines elegance and comfort. Here is the survival kit.


This little heel has made a big part of fashion history. Brought up to date by Audrey Hepburn in the film "How to steal a million", it is back in the spotlight of the arty and street scene to reveal a femininity marked by a desire for conquest and sophistication. Less vertiginous than the stiletto, it culminates at 6 cm, although its ideal height stops at 5 cm. It is still difficult to wear and requires a certain flexibility in the walk and thin calves to balance the silhouette. Available as a mule, pump or slingback, the Kitten heel has all the makings of a great shoe. It's a shoe for the businesswoman, the stateswoman or the First Lady, as well as for the fashionista 2.0 who slips it on delicately with 7/8th jeans or floor-lengths.


The ultimate kitten heel rule

Banish the lengths which pack. We prefer capri pants, midi or mini skirts, or denim shorts for nice days. For sportswear fans, Kitten heels can even be worn with soccer socks (not just any socks... those from Prada will do) or with little golden socks on cold days.

The kitten heel colorama

When it comes to color, anything goes (or almost). At Vanessa Wu, we like it in a mule version with metallic touches or with a denim + bow effect that recalls the softness of the ballerina. The Kitten heel also works well with python or gingham prints on very sharp pumps. Finally, declined in slingback, with its back strap, it works wonders in bright colors.


Take advantage of the coming spring to leave your sneakers and slip your feet on these kitten heels that ensure a 100% feline look!

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