The "ethnic-chic" style; helping us travel in five-star comfort!

Do you feel like escaping, yet without leaving your native Alsace? 

We could also have mentioned Brittany, (you get the idea!). After all, we're not looking to offend anybody! But let's not change the subject: welcome aboard our style train; here, we’ll take you to destinations where we might not have (unfortunately) set foot, but which inspire our shoesing all the same... 

Ethnic-chic, or the "glow-up" of the bohemian trend! A simple recipe that must nevertheless be mastered to be carried off successfully: simplicity, discreet but worked patterns, shapes and materials that take you to a land far away. 

Step aboard for a return to basics 

You probably already know of the boho/bohemian chic trend, which you no doubt ended up adopting. However, today, while we may be talking about this same trend, we're upgrading it somewhat: say ‘hello’ to ethnic chic. Authenticity and comfort take centre stage again... But this time they’re combined with a desire to escape to faraway places! The solution for global inspiration without leaving home? 


1 Take different inspirations, where styles from various backgrounds rub shoulders and mingle; 

2 provide a floating sensation by adding insoles that respect the shape of the foot; 

3 then, to finish off the look and give a bit of character, opt for a colourful touch or material; 

4 and hey presto: ethnic-chic, we are as one! 


 Somewhat discreet, but still a must-have in our wardrobes for this season, we also find this shoesings trend! From head to toe, we find a joyful mix of prints, colours, and shapes. 

To be irreplaceable, you have to be different

Coco Chanel 


Chic running sneakers 

Yes, with warm colours paired with natural hues and a hint of gold, these sneakers tick all the boxes...and much more! Did you really think that there was nothing more comfortable than your slippers? We think you’re going to have to think twice... That's the whole point of the boho style: a relaxed fashion, without too much effort or trickery; a freestyle fashion that takes us on a journey. 

Minimalist but ethnic sandals 

Yes, combining finesse and elegance with well-assumed animal motifs, you’ll certainly never want to take these heeled sandals off, since - not a word of a lie - they seem to be a natural extension to your legs, don’t you think? On a more serious note, what we also appreciate in this bohemian-inspired trend is the "less is more" philosophy. Very good news then, especially considering that this pair will not really have any reason to leave our feet this summer since they’ll be the only ones we want to wear! 


Destination ‘comfort’ for this summer! Have you got your ticket yet? Once again, just like before each trip you take, you just have to dare to take that leap of faith...

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