The thousand facets and ways to successfully carry off a blazer

What’s the best way to wear a blazer in 2022? Everyone asks themselves the same question...

Do you prefer oversized or fitted? An all-black outfit or colour block? Whichever you choose, there’s no wrong choice! And yes, the blazer is much more than just a jacket, it's a wardrobe essential in its own right. A classic that slips on and off, just like saying hello. Extremely simple, but nobody can tell the difference. The blazer is one of those fashion pieces that will stay with you forever, and even one that you can hand down to generations to come. Who hasn’t spent a day rummaging through old boxes in the attic, looking for an old (oversized) blazer that belonged to their grandfather? Originally, this quintessentially men’s item appeared in our wardrobes thanks to the suffragettes during the 1910s (and we offer our heartfelt THANKS to them for this gift). So, obviously it took some time before it established itself as an essential staple in our dressing rooms, but now that it’s in our wardrobes (and hearts), it is almost impossible to give up. 


A true symbol of empowerment, the fitted, sleeveless version is also making a big comeback. Come on, let's take the plunge and be bold enough to don a man's waistcoat like a suit, and automatically boost our self-confidence at the same time...

The blazer as an emblematic statement

Do you prefer the open look? Or maybe closed is more your thing? Rolled up sleeves? It’s so easy to change your look in just a couple of seconds. This fashion item is suitable for all body types and different tastes.Tame this jacket and you’ll give your outfit a whole new meaning in no time at all.

Working girl with pleated trousers and heels, school girl with a mini skirt and wedges, it can also bring a certain sharpness to a casual street outfit (jogging/basketball).

Even if it may have become a symbol of the world of work, the blazer can also have a fun side and break the rules somewhat : ideal for breaking up an overly serious look, the colourful version is there to add a lively touch.. Don’t be afraid to add a touch of colour; on the contrary, let your imagination run wild! Embrace the barbiecore trend (aka pink Barbie everywear) and bring some pink into your life with a Mattel doll-coloured blazer.

Here’s a few tips for a flawless look :

• For a summer workwear look, pair it with shorts and a pair of heels.

• Want a more relaxed look for the slip dress and sandals season? Then simply slip a blazer over the shoulders for an effortless touch.

• Preppy atmosphere? Bring out the Bermuda shorts (yes, you read that right!) and the loafers!

Style is a way of saying who you are without speaking

Rachel Zoe

Evening version :

Over a delicate light dress, fetish heels (sequins are of course permitted), the blazer is the dream clothing accessory for when you first feel that chilly breeze in the air; simply slip it over your shoulders and voilà. Want to jump feet first into the party girl trend? Be bold and opt for a blazer with rhinestones or sequins. Match with a black baguette bag and be a girl boss for the evening

Day version :

A crisp and clean outfit, a white blazer, and loafers: less is more. This is the must-have shoe for a chic and refined silhouette. A 100% assertive and sophisticated look, the loafer and nude blazer combo will make you look like a real lady. The linen version is ideal for the summer season; a simple, elegant and delicate fabric. Yes, you will certainly look wise, but are you really?


Going from a casual daytime look to a refined evening look couldn’t be easier; the blazer is the key piece for a successful DAY/NIGHT transition. August 2022, even in the height of summer, the blazer trend is still here; and it’s not going anywhere! We’re daring to take ownership of this genderless item which is ideal for the summer season (and all those that will follow)

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