Put your best foot forward in bold heels this summer

Shoe trend alert: the heels you won’t want to take off

Why wear normal heels when you can wear unique ones? It’s like eating a salad at McDonald’s… It’s just not right! Summer is here, and so are all the beautiful sandals that come with it. So, it’s time to step out and perfect your look with the ultimate investment for summer 2021: a new pair of heels with bold geometric lines. 


They add that little je ne sais quoi and an audacious touch to any simple, understated outfit.

When geometry meets fashion

This unlikely alliance makes for one of the summer’s hottest trends. Who would have thought we would be talking about maths in a fashion editorial? Yet here we are… Squares, triangles, circles: this season, heels are stepping up their game and twisting into all kinds of new shapes. These innovative, unusual styles are inspired by timeless models, like the court shoe or the mule, without distorting or overloading them. Whether it’s a wooden-effect sphere, minimalist square, patent rectangle, intricate platform, raffia cylinder or even a pyramid, bold heels stand out with their daring shapes! 

We rarely regret having dared, but we always regret never having tried


Step 1: get used to them

Start with baby steps to get used to these new shapes. Go for tone-on-tone heels in a wearable colour that matches your favourite outfits. Our advice is to begin with some sandals (the easiest option for summer), pair them with a little flared dress, and you’re ready to go!

Step 2: fall in love with them

These geometrically enhanced mules, sandals and court shoes offer another major plus: they tend to be well-balanced and stable, so they are easy to wear! In fact, there are no real rules when it comes to bold heels: you can slip them on for any occasion. From a professional meeting to a bike ride in the park, you can strut your stuff anywhere this summer. We did say you wouldn’t want to take them off…


No more boring, sensible shoes. Make room for some originality. This summer, give your feet some personality!


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