The back-to-work look: workwear comes to the rescue!

The bell has barely sounded, yet workwear has already left its mark!

Do you remember that first day of school when our worries about what to wear far exceeded those of going back to the classroom? We’re pretty sure it’s something we all experienced at one time or another. That time of year, when at least one week before the start of school, our thoughts would be consumed about what to wear; we’d spend hours figuring out and preparing our outfit, right down to the finest detail. The aim: to have an outfit that no one else would be wearing and one that would make us stand out from the crowd. Just imagine if we’d heard about the workwear trend then ...


Are notched sole loafers the new safety footwear solution for the workplace? (Keep reading and you’ll soon understand our little joke)

A daring trend for a gentle revival

“Workwear”, literally (and quite simply) “work clothes”. That is to say, dipping into different professions with particular clothing requirements, reworking them so they can be worn with confidence and pride. Maybe not a particularly youthful trend, but fashionable all the same. I mean, let’s face it, things that worked in the past always end up coming round full circle a few years later! The classic striped sailor’s smock, the symbolic striped lumberjack shirt, the stereotypical mechanics overalls, the quintessential blue workman’s jacket... I think you get the picture. These are inspirations from everyday life that have become wardrobe basics!

Nothing you wear is more important than your smile


Can workwear ever replace the classic suit? 


The suit is the work outfit of choice in many professions; one that means you don’t have to think too much in the morning and one that does not (normally) allow us to commit a fashion faux pas! And what better way to complete this outfit than with a nice pair of sneakers? Goodbye suit-stiletto heels combos, hello to the workwear shoe range, which now features a variety of sneakers in different colours. Since the rising popularity of the suit-sneaker combo, “casual Friday” now seems to be a thing of the past. A trend adopted by like-minded people of all ages, who unanimously believe that "chic" and "sneakers" go hand in hand! Our favourites: the famous lightning sneakers, 2021 edition.


Looking for a stylish silhouette?

We also love work cut boots, a much more stylish way to make a statement than classic safety footwear!Need help with all these nuggets of advice?
  • Why not try faux leather, zip- or lace-up ankle boots, or even let yourself be tempted by some more ‘out-there’ materials?
  • And block heels still feature amongst our favourites, a must-have for those long days!
Still need to be convinced? The advantage of boots for your workwear outfit is their combined functionality;  after a long day at work, they’ll transform perfectly into a striking evening wear option.Trendsetting working women from head to toe; what more could you want?




It may be workwear, but it’s chic and stylish. The golden rule? Dare to be different! Jazz up your everyday ordinary workwear with a pair of extraordinary shoes. And if ever you find yourself doubting yourself, make sure you keep the Beyoncé spirit in mind: "Who runs the world? Girls!".
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