Spotlight on colourful socks; never underestimate the power of this humble accessory.

This winter, we’re going pop!  

Vibrant colours are coming to brighten up the season and even feature in our shoesing. The key accessory:socks. But not just any old socks. Whether ankle or shin height, you can slip them on anywhere!  As surprising as it may seem, the object of our desires this season is not yet another it-bag but the quintessential sock.   

Much more accessible, we grant you that, and all the better! This winter, you won't have to break your bank account to look like you’ve just stepped off the catwalk. All you need to do is wear a nice pair of socks, with the right shoesin the right colour (depending on your outfit), the right material (lurex, cotton... Whatever) and the magic will begin! Let your eccentric side extend right down to your toes. A special shout out to the shin-height version spotted on Bella Hadid, because the higher the better!   

With a colour block outfit, we’re drawn to the full black sock to attract attention to our ultra-colourful sneakers. Everything is perfectly planned and calculated! 

The simple sock, as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing 

This winter, when we’re all holding off turning on the heating for as long as possible, socks are the ideal accessory to keep ourselves warm at a lower cost. Might as well take advantage and follow the trend, right?  

High socks are therefore making a comeback this season: more or less shin length, and made from wool or cotton, we can match them with the rest of our outfit. For a preppy silhouette, we match them with ourloafers; this way they can be worn even when the temperatures start dropping. And for a real autumnal look, we slip into a mini-skirt, let our woollen socks sneak over the top of our ankle boots, don our trench coats and HEAD towards the café for a coffee-to-go...

Long live prints and colours! 

In order to add a little colour to our lives, we’re bold enough to pull off fun looks and display wild prints. Of course, the duller days are returning, but who said that our outfits had to be boring? We can still have fun and play with volumes and colours: green, pink, coral, and animal prints, leopard, zebra, python! 

Please note, we are not asking you to go fluokids mad, but rather to embark on more colourful looks, by touch, to try something a little different to what you would usually go for. It’s all about the nuance. Because even if it’s true that autumn hails the return of warm colours, (mocha-style browns, cream beiges and the unconditional black), there’s nothing stopping us from bringing out our most colourful outfits too, with perhaps some sequins and mixed prints. 

The proof: our Gwen sneakers go wonderfully with striped socks. Why? Because while the high sneakers dress our ankles, by nonchalantly letting a little sock peep out, you can add a little regressive touch that will make all the difference to your silhouette. They’re more than simple socks; they’re an embellishment for our beautiful legs.  

And the sequins!

In a more delicate register, the thin transparent sequinned sock still has its say. It’s discreet but knows how to stand out.  

Let's elaborate: the transparent side goes with everything, especially with a pair of sneakers, which is THE perfect model to add a touch of femininity to a sporty look. The contrast between thick-soled sneakers / transparent thin sock works every time. This elegant sock brings a touch of colour without too much of a "blocky" effect that a coloured model can sometimes bring. This model therefore allows us to embrace sequins without creating too much of a childish look; thank you for the beautiful material! It will lighten your silhouette while complementing your style with refinement. What's more, varnished toes in transparent socks, they’re rather sexy, don’t you think?  


Autumn-Winter 22/23, here we come! Logo, tie-dye, or transparent glitter socks. The creators have had fun this season, you won’t be able to resist this accessory. So yes, you’ll be telling us that wearing socks under our winter shoes is essential in any case... But all the more reason to choose a stylish model that will highlight your look and shoes while keeping you warm ;) (yes yes, a sock can do all of this at the same time...)  

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