The "Scandi touch": the extreme cold weather trend that will knock you for six!

Scandinavian fashion and Nordic style: wardrobe essentials to get us ready for winter

When you hear the word "Scandinavian", Pinterest decoration mood boards probably spring to mind... Or even Ikea. So, to prevent you completely mismatching your friends’ and colleagues’ outfits this winter, let’s take a step back! When it comes to Scandinavian wardrobe essentials, think "effortless chic".


With a woolly bucket bag and pretty, light beige Chelsea boots with treaded soles, a successful Nordic style is both comfortable and relaxed but still at the forefront of fashion!

Neutral tones, timeless pieces, a clean and simple look

If we were to follow in the footsteps of the current queen of fashion and social networks, Léna Situations, and if we had to give just one piece of fashion advice for the scandi-chic trend, it’s this: less is more! Simple design, comfortable items, a few touches of white, brown, beige or grey and voila: Nordic style in all its glory! 

  • This aside, you might well ask: why choose these colours when black is usually enough for a clean and simple look? Quite simply because they are more delicate, warmer in tone and offer a touch of softness and exuberance. These neutral tones are timeless and also remind us of the much sought-after cocooning spirit which is so typical of Nordic style.  

To reiterate, this winter forget fuss and remember that less is more. The watchword: functional. Our wardrobes are becoming "so comfy" and feature items that can be worn at home or even out for dinner!

However, be careful! Functional does not mean that we let ourselves go! We remain modern and feminine and, remember, Scandinavian women are always stunning, even in winter ;)

Nordic style is not only timeless, but also practical. And it proves that practical fashion can also be contemporary and stylish.


What's more timeless than a pair of sneakers?

And just look at these! Gorgeous in their own right, these white high-top sneakers, with delicate pastel detailing, are just perfect for this extreme cold weather trend: they’re warm and cosy and will match perfectly with your "homewear” or “athflow-inspired” outfit. They’ll even go with a pair of white straight-cut jeans and a big grey oversized sweater for those chilly walks in the great outdoors. In a nutshell, sneakers are the very essence of Scandinavian style; simple and comfortable. Fortunately for us, their allure is difficult to resist! Why do we love them so much? Because they’re easy to wear and go with pretty much anything. They’re a timeless footwear design and we have no shortage of them here at Vanessa Wu! 

But let’s leave the glitter and flashy colours aside for the moment. And instead turn our attention to more neutral tones. One thing at a time ;) 

What's more timeless than a pair of thigh-high boots?


More accustomed to seeing them in black than other colours, thigh-high boots have made a bit of a comeback this year: high-length and made from light beige imitation leather, these are the very essence of Nordic beauty! Why do we love them? Because they speak for themselves and make every outfit look elegant, whether elaborate or not. To avoid the “too much” look, we recommend wearing them with a skirt or casual dress. And don't hesitate to slip in a pair of big, long socks: extreme cold weather special tips + in case they slip + it’s all about style ;)

They certainly tick all the boxes and are a must-have wardrobe essential for day and night. Quintessential of the Scandinavian trend, they simply ooze elegance. What are you waiting for? There’s no excuse not to own a pair and show them off with pride!


A pair of sneakers, ankle boots or thigh-high boots are all you need to add the finishing touch to a successful Nordic look. In short, don’t wait another minute to adopt this extreme cold weather Scandinavian trend!

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