Athflow trend: the 2021 love story!

First date 2020, married in 2021!

Doubt never even entered our mind, we said "YES" in just a few months! And for a very good reason! The thought of a fashion trend consisting of wearing cosy and comfortable clothes was just too good to resist. It was a no-brainer! We basically fell in love. If there’s ONE style that you definitely need to hang on to this year, it’s the “athflow trend (and not even just for this year for that matter).

Why settle for only wearing your rain boots on rainy days, when you could also enjoy them at home?

I guess if there’s one positive to draw from the lockdowns, it’s this one!

Let’s get back to basics: what is “athflow”? Above all, it is a combination of two words “athleisure" and "flow", basically this translates as "athletic" and "cosy". Athflow therefore characterises a fashion trend in its own right, born during the Covid lockdown period, and consists of wearing comfortable clothes with a little bit of added chic. In short: an outfit that can be worn at home, work or to simply chill out on the sofa. Or to go buy those ‘essential’ items from the supermarket! (Yes, it’s tempting).

For a successful athflow look, it couldn’t be simpler. Just combine your most glamorous items with your most comfortable clothes.


Cocooning & chillaxing...

Isn't it great to be able to wear a pair of flared joggers, a sweatshirt and your favourite fleece sneakers yet still remain stylish? The athflow look allows us to mix our beloved indoor clothes with more stylish pieces, because yes, the idea is not to look too scruffy either! For example, you could simply upgrade your outfit with a pair of sneakers, or an ultra-trendy bag and you're done. A special mention goes out to fleece sneakers which are the epitome of the athflow style: both effortless and ultra-trendy, they’re a must-have! 

 ... and still stylish!

Jumpsuits, oversized outfits, leggings and ... knitwear, all big athflow favourites! Knitwear is your ultimate ally if you want to perfect this trend: so comforting to wear that it will almost make you feel like you haven't taken off your pyjamas all day. It’s great for cocooning outfits and yet we can also easily wear it to go to work. A special Vanessa Wu fashion tip just for you: the double-C rule. A rule all the more applicable here: knitwear yes, but don’t forget the ankle boots. Why? Because its oh so important to enhance the ‘chilled’ look with an element of “chic”, for which a lovely pair of ankle boots is perfect!


Having made comfort our priority here at Vanessa Wu, we can safely say that we totally get this trend;)

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