All things glitter and partywear: once you try it, you’ll be smitten!

Sparkle from head to toe

With the return of spring, we couldn’t help but cave in and awaken our party girl spirit! We've never been crazy about mathematics, but if there's one formula we love, it's P² = Spring-Glitter (obviously our own invention). Because yes, this season our go to trends are all about sparkle, metallics, sequins and glitter. Fashion is all about partywear and we love it! Ready to put a little sparkle in your life?


No need to have a special event or end-of-year celebration in mind, glitter is already making itself at home on our bags and sneakers. And yes, the days of sequined court shoes are long gone (a nod to our loyal customers who no doubt remember them)!

Shoes & bags to help you sparkle

This is our goal, because, let’s face it, we deserve it! Why? Because we’re already amazing beings, but these past few years have been somewhat frustrating on the fashion front:


  • In 2020, we saw the arrival of "coco", but times meant we couldn't show off our pretty mid-season outfits
  • And in 2021, when we finally had the chance, the weather decided otherwise.
  • So, in 2022, WE’RE GIVING IT OUR ALL: this season will be all about sparkle, we will be nothing but dazzling!

Ho can I shine bright like a diamond?

You're in luck, we have shoes and bags. These are THE two items that really stand out and are the easiest to wear to follow this gorgeous trend and embark on a slightly more... metallic style! With our cute shoes, you can be daring without going over the top. You just need to keep one thing in mind when it comes to clothing: "less is more".


Enjoy the glittery side of life

Option 1 : black will always be black

For those of you that might be a little reluctant to embrace this sequined trend or for those who might have trouble knowing where to start, here’s a little tip: no fashion faux pas is possible when wearing a black outfit. After all, it means you can enjoy colourful, original and/or glittery shoes, bags, and accessories! When embracing the glitter trend, slowly does it. Start with metallicsgold, rose gold and silver (see our gold cowboy boots) and dip your toe in slowly. 

Option 2: plain is always the best option

The pick of the bunch which also means you can avoid any fashion nightmares; what more could you ask for? But when the beautiful weather finally arrives, the plain option must also be colourful! Dare to be different with reds, pinks, oranges, purples, blues, greens etc. As long as it remains monochrome. It's not as if you then can’t choose a pair of high-top white flash sneakers with pink details and... glitter! Yes, our emblematic pair (the flash sneaker) has followed the trend by deciding to stand out like no other, and they’re not the only ones. Here at Vanessa Wu, glitter sneakers are a must-have item for this season and there's something for everyone: Velcro or lace-up fastenings, which do you prefer? Low-tops or high-tops? Chic or running style?



What’s great about clothes is that they allow us to say goodbye to the gloom and doom and dare to be different. The tone is set, a single watchword for this spring-summer: sparkle!

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