Silver trend: how to wear silver shoes?

Silver crush:

Silver, metallic or in other words the silver trend, is making sensation this season. Silver shoes are no longer only worn on festive occasions. We thought they were reserved for moments of celebration, from end-of-year festivities to star-studded red carpets. And yet, the silver trend is gaining ground to establish itself as the flagship trend of the Spring-Summer 2024 season.

The metallic color is now a must-have in every fashionista's wardrobe, and is taking over all our favorite pieces this season. This chromatic shine is also available on accessories, which is why the silver shoe is growing to become the it-shoe of 2024!

On your heeled sandals:

Young woman wearing Alexandra silver multi-strap heeled sandals with models in brown, black and gold
Silver heeled sandals are at the heart of the trend this season, offering a look that is both glamorous and futuristic at the same time. Their metallic shine adds a modern yet sophisticated touch to any outfit. Whether for an elegant evening or a casual day in town, these sandals go perfectly with various looks.

Jeans immediately take on a whole new style when enhanced with silver sandals. Pair them with the Alexandra silver multi-strap heeled sandals and an oversized white shirt for a comfy-chic look. You can also swap your shirt for a sequin top and an oversized blazer for a successful day-to-night transition!

On your sneakers:

Young woman wearing Kandia white and silver storm sneakers with velcro with a gray blazer.
To combine comfort and shine together, opt for silver sneakers. No more simple white or black sneakers, make way for metallic sneakers worthy of the most daring fashionistas. At Vanessa Wu, we find various silver accents on the iconic storm sneakers. Opt for sophisticated and well-crafted designs, highlighting the metallic shine in a subtle but elegant way.

The Kandia white and silver storm sneakers with velcro are the ideal choice to adopt this trend to perfection. Chic and easy to wear, this design of shoes fits all styles! For a casual and relaxed look, pair them with denim Bermuda shorts, a must-have piece of this season, and a simple white t-shirt. For a day at the office, opt instead for black linen shorts and an oversized blazer: a smart and comfortable outfit that doesn't lack sparkle!

For festive occasions, silver glitter sneakers prove to be the ultimate accessory to shine brightly. Their unique shine and touch of whimsy make them the best fit to make a splash at parties, special events or ceremonies. Opt for the Estelle monogram sneakers with silver glitter, offering a perfect balance between glamor and comfort. Pair them with a cocktail dress or an elegant jumpsuit for a sophisticated and original look.
Young woman wearing silver glitter Estelle monogram sneakers with a short black dress.

On your flat sandals:

We all can't wait to slip our feet into summer sandals! This season, it's the return of fisherman-style sandals: whether you like them or not, they have been at the top of fashion trends for several seasons now. In the wake of the silver trend, fisherman-style sandals stand out boldly. These sandals, with their fine details and silver accents, embody the perfect marriage of functionality and style.

Metallic fisherman flat sandals elevate any outfit you want to wear! The Anne fisherman-style flat sandals with thin silver straps are the perfect pair to add a trendy touch to your summer outfits. Whether with a 100% denim ensemble or a flowing bohemian style dress, this pair will adapt to your look.
Young woman wearing Anne fisherman-style flat sandals with thin silver straps with short brown pants.

Conclusion :

The silver trend is causing a sensation, transforming our shoes into the centerpiece of our outfits. Whether with heeled sandals, glittery sneakers or flat fisherman-style sandals, the silver shine brightens our daily lives with boldness and modernity. These shoes are no longer just reserved for festive occasions, they become the very expression of a contemporary and glamorous style. So, indulge in this trend that brings a touch of sparkle to every step, and make your silver shoes the highlight of your style this season.
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