Boho chic: a subtle yet easy-to-wear style

A trend for all free spirits who want to get away

Winter is just around the corner, and it’s bringing with it a wave of new trends to follow (or not). Rather than getting overwhelmed, we have made the choice not to make a choice: the important thing is to wear what you like. So, say hello to the boho chic trend.


Think Arizona style, natural colours and a nomadic feel. We love these cow-print boots in a faux pony hair fabric: perfect for the boho cowgirl look.

Boho? Huh?

Quick history lesson: the word ‘boho’ is just a shortened version of ‘bohemian’. This was a movement in the nineteenth century that inspired the artists, poets and philosophers (and hippies) of the time. Today, this (slightly revolutionary) movement is inspiring fashion and a trend where the only rule is that there are no rules: to nail this look, just be as free as possible! There are no constraints, no conventions, no limits: just the perfect balance of nomadic style and Native American culture, with comfort as the order of the day.

We can still give you some hints, though, as there are some key features of this trend:

  • the styles: cowboy boots, combat boots...
  • the prints: cowhide, snakeskin, alligator...
  • the colours: sand, clay, camel, bronze, khaki, beige...

This trend is a gorgeous blend of the mild and the wild, with natural colours and striking motifs, classic styles and more cutting-edge pieces, but always with a thirst for freedom, allowing you to follow your tastes and personality.

Boho style is understated yet sexy. Rather than statement pieces, it’s about subtle touches here and there


Boho chic for 2021: the trainer version...

What could be more comfortable than a pair of trainers? Boho style is moving with the times! Mesh and imitation suede, with touches of bronze, a dash of zebra print on faux pony hair fabric and a bit of blue: these trainers take you on a journey far, far away. Their safari feel adds a sought-after sense of freedom to any simple, subtle outfit. Bang on trend. 

...or the thigh boot version

Who said thigh boots couldn’t be your best friend? But there’s one golden rule: pick flat ones. We’re making a beeline to the beige imitation suede biker boots, which make us want to go on an adventure. They are the perfect way to create a bold look while remaining faithful to boho style, just in a more daring version! The choice of thigh boot is just as revolutionary as the style itself: simply go for whatever is right for you. And stop thinking thigh boots aren’t made for you. They are! Get out there and wear them with pride!


To get the boho chic look right, just remember that the only limit is your imagination! Wear what you want. Just keep it simple with a refined touch.

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