Storm sneakers by Vanessa Wu: zoom on the iconic collection

Storm sneakers: an absolute must-have!


Vanessa Wu's storm sneakers collection for women has established itself as a must-have in the fashion world, offering a perfect blend of timelessness and originality. As essential accessories for the modern wardrobe, storm sneakers, and especially the iconic designs, captivate fashionistas with their unique style and their evolution season after season. In this editorial, let's dive into the exciting world of Vanessa Wu's storm sneakers for women, highlighting the iconic pairs that are redefining the fashion world.


Iconic storm sneakers: the permanent collection

Young woman wearing a yellow coat with Vanessa Wu white and gold Maggie storm sneakers with leopard velcro straps.


Women's storm sneakers come in a permanent collection of iconic designs, each with their own characteristics. Before diving into the unique world of each sneaker, let’s explore the key elements that make this model a best-seller! Implemented with the lightning bolt placed on the outside of the foot, the iconic storm sneakers for women feature this distinctive element as a guarantee of bold style and assertive originality. This model also stands out for its practical Velcro closure, guaranteeing comfort and well-being with every step. Finally, its ultra-comfortable creepers sole gives it a trendy look and ensures a pleasant everyday walk. Now let's discover the four iconic pairs that have captured the hearts of the #VanessaWuFamily!

  • Maggie white and gold storm sneakers with leopard velcro: the Maggie embodies boldness and originality, with its beige velcro closure decorated with a trendy leopard print. This wild pattern creates a unique combination of glamor and character that is an integral part of its strengths, and the golden lightning bolt on the side of the sneaker adds an extra touch of sparkle and energy. This pair stands out for its ingenious mix of textures and patterns, making it an ideal option for those who like to stand out in style.
  • Marilou white storm sneakers with silver velcro: the Marilou in white and silver is a statement of elegance and chic suitable for all occasions. The textured silver closure adds subtle sophistication, while its style ensures unrivaled versatility. These sneakers become an essential choice for those looking for a touch of elegance in their daily style: the very definition of comfy-chic!


White and silver Marilou storm sneakers with velcro Vanessa Wu.


  • Elsa white storm sneakers with black crocodile details: the Elsa, with its lightning bolt-shaped cutout with crocodile detail, is positioned as the main piece for daring fashionistas. Vanessa Wu pushes the boundaries of creativity with this pair, offering an exceptional balance between originality and sophistication. These storm sneakers are an ideal choice for those looking to express their unique style, adding an edgy touch to their wardrobe.
  • Marilou white storm sneakers with gold velcro: the white gold version of the Marilou is a versatile piece that adds a touch of style to any outfit. Champagne gold textured details highlight the finesse of the design and the versatility of the pair. These sneakers thus become perfect companions for those looking to combine relaxation and refinement in a single model.

But which one to choose? Which shape should you go for? Which color should you pick? Do not panic! The Vanessa Wu Storm Sneaker Configurator is here to help you find your next pair. We introduced our shoe finder to simplify shopping for our customers and save them hours of research in search of the ideal storm sneaker. This fun and practical tool will allow you to quickly and easily find your favorite design! It is also useful for choosing the pair of storm sneakers for women that suits you best, accompanying you through our different designs, shapes and colors.


The storm sneakers in an outfit? Love at first sight guaranteed!


Each iconic design in Vanessa Wu's storm sneakers collection has its own distinct style, making them perfect for various occasions. Here are outfit ideas to go with each pair:


Young woman sitting on a haystack wearing Vanessa Wu's white and black crocodile Elsa flash sneakers with velcro straps.


  • Elsa white storm sneakers with black crocodile details: the Elsa, with its lightning bolt-shaped cutout with crocodile detail, calls for an original and stylish outfit for true fashionistas. Opt for statement pieces and mixes of materials, like a leather skirt and a textured black top. These sneakers become the focal point of your look, captivating all the attention with their avant-garde design and crocodile detail, while maintaining a simple side thanks to the black color. An ideal option for those who like to push the boundaries of fashion while remaining discreet!
  • Marilou white storm sneakers with silver velcro: with the Marilou in white and silver, opt for an elegant evening outfit in a little black dress. These sneakers instantly up the level of sophistication, adding a touch of silver sparkle to your look. The textured closure accentuates the elegance, creating a perfect combination with the simplicity of a black dress. This pair thus becomes the ideal choice for those who want to combine comfort and style during a special evening.
  • Maggie white and gold storm sneakers with leopard velcro: the Maggie, with its bold mix of leopard and gold, lends itself perfectly to a comfy-chic outfit for a day in the city. Pair it with a denim outfit and a white t-shirt for a total denim look. The leopard print on the velcro closure brings a wild note to the whole outfit, creating a harmony between comfort and casual elegance.
  • Marilou white storm sneakers with gold velcro: the white and champagne Marilou offers versatility that adapts to various occasions. Pair this with an XXL blazer and wide-leg suit pants for a formal event or a day at the office: the tailoring trend will no longer hold any secrets for you! The touch of textured champagne gold on the closure adds subtle sophistication, allowing these sneakers to coordinate with classic outfits while providing a modern touch.


White and champagne Marilou storm sneakers with velcro closure.



Essential for a woman's wardrobe, white sneakers are must-have pieces. If you're looking for a distinctive pair, Vanessa Wu's storm sneakers for women are the perfect choice. These timeless designs, such as the Maggie, the Marilou and the Elsa, combine both style and quality. With their iconic lightning bolt-shaped cutout, their practical velcro closure and their ultra-comfortable creeper sole, these shoes will accompany you every day. Explore this trend for effortless elegance. The storm sneaker thus becomes the ideal addition to your wardrobe, adding a touch of sparkle to every outfit!

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