This season’s must-have: notched ankle boots, a gutsy trend!

(Faux) leather and thick soles, a gutsy trend

They’ve clearly made their mark and have unquestionably become a wardrobe essential. This season, we say yes to these iconic shoes from the nineties: hefty boots with notched soles; as assertive as they are trendy. But yes, let’s be honest. Conjuring up a semi-punk, semi-biker image, we were initially somewhat reluctant to have to introduce these chunky boots with notched soles into our repertoire, … But now they’ve become a wardrobe staple!


Tips: to break yourself in slowly, and before diving head first into the XXL boot trend, start with a more elegant look by combining them with a pair of thigh-high socks. This will add a touch of softness and femininity to your outfit and compensate for the somewhat grandiose nature of the shoe!

From the chunky boot to the track sole, the same question comes up again and again: what is the best way to wear them?

Let's put the subject in context: chunky boots and track soles, what are they exactly? The chunky boot can be an ankle boot or classic boot and stands out with its imposing platform and massive size. The track sole, on the other hand, simply means a notched sole! It can therefore be affixed just as well to a boot (chunky or not) as to a pair of derby shoes, for example. Focus on winter shoes with track soles and a chunky look.So yes, we admit, it's certainly not easy to find the best way to wear them in the beginning, but, once adopted, you’ll soon wonder how you ever did without them!

  • Where to start: in winter, our outfits are not always very original, and so much the better, because a pair of chunky boots, just like those with notched soles, can add a good dose of character to an otherwise simple look.
  • The complementary argument: practical and comfortable, both are all-terrain shoes par excellence! (And we are not even talking about rain boots with notched soles… Our best friends FOR LIFE).
  • Vanessa’s advice: "Combining sharp style and practicality, they can be worn in both winter and summer. The essential combination, for me: a mid-length, flowing skirt, with or without tights, accompanied by an oversized sweater. You can add a leather jacket if you want a biker look or an XXL blazer for a more fashionable allure."

What better way to gain a few centimetres in height without having to opt for a pair of pumps or 10 cm heels!


Derby madness

What we love about the notched sole trend is that it's not just for boots! Looks good on a pair of derbies too, no? And how can we make shoes with a more masculine appearance a little more feminine? Wear them with a skirt.....or glittery socks! (And yes, the accompanying bee is possible, but maybe a little more complicated).

Chelsea mania

And THE iconic pair that best illustrates this crazy chunky boot trend: the Chelsea boot. Yes, because "chunky boots" refers to the style, while the Chelsea is a type of boot (which is not new!) characterised by an elastic side panel. Our favourite? The gold version, obviously! Less obvious, more feminine, and suitable for day and night...


Multi-faceted boots with many advantages; they allow us to be comfortable while gaining a few centimetres in height, and, above all, they give off a "don't mess with me” vibe (without having to say it ;)

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