The Western trend: how to wear cowboy boots!

Long live cowboy boots! 

Yes, you’re absolutely right, the ankle boot has been a fashion staple for several seasons, and yet few people would have bet on it... You’ll probably tell us, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift have been changing their style for several years, and yet the country trend continues, and is becoming more prominent each year. Because whoever wears this iconic shoe, they immediately look like a woman who can take on the world. It gives an immediate sense of empowerment to all your looks! We know that cowboy boots can be scary, but don't worry, the  #vanessawufamily is here to give you some valuable advice so you can wear them with confidence. 


An upper part that just covers the ankles is ideal for getting used to cowboy boots. It’s therefore extremely easy to slip into a casual outfit with a little touch of originality, without clashing too much. 


If you’re a little shy, opt for an understated model, i.e., without metallic inserts, and choose a monochrome and winter colour if possible. This way, it will go with all your outfits. You can make it remarkably simple with mom jeans, a wool sweater or cardigan, and a small thin belt. Understated, comfortable and chic at the same time, to sum up: an effortless look! It is therefore not necessary to match your cowboy boots with a tassel jacket (even if this look is clearly at the heart of the trend), it’s entirely up to you just how ‘country’ you want to go ; )   


 The cowboy boot stands out as a fashion reference in its own right; it gives an immediate touch of empowerment to all your looks!

The monochrome cowboy boot? 


We often think we need to be at least a little bit savvy to be able to pass off such a strong piece as a great classic, because carrying off the cowgirl look is not as easy as all that (think of the Friends, episode where Ross experiences a somewhat embarrassing situation with a certain pair of leather trousers...... ). Because while the black cowboy boot is a wardrobe essential this season, is it also becoming the new "little black dress of shoes"?  

Because this boot has the knack for dressing a silhouette in 2 times 3 movements; we’re betting on a sweater dress, an oversized woollen blazer, and a small city bag for a look that is both worked and effortless, but which can very easily become our new autumn uniform. 


Or a two-tone model with 100% country influences? 

For all those who think "even if it means wearing a cowboy boot, you might as well go all out?" but don’t know where to start, we’re here to advise you. We go straight for the two-tone cowboy boot which immediately gives us an extraordinary style. The colourful fabric inserts catch the eye, so your look will not go unnoticed, and you need to be prepared! Perfect with a little flounced skirt, if you’re going country dancing with your friends to wind down after a busy day.  


You can also very easily accessorize by adding a nice belt to your outfit. An XXL buckle like "I just came back from my ranch" or a more elegant version, like a jewellery chain wrapped around the waist? It doesn't matter, as long as we see it! It is therefore quite easy to play with ‘country’ codes while remaining chic; this trend allows you to add more or less depending on your mood. 

And to think that initially, the cowboy boot was invented to get on and off a horse; the cowboys chose it for its practical side, but it's now the aesthetic side that designers and fashion enthusiasts are snapping up! 



The western trend fascinates as much as it surprises ordinary mortals. And more precisely, it’s something that features on everyone’s list of wants. The cowboy boot is iconic and here at Vanessa Wu it has even become one of the bestsellers over several years. 

  • In autumn, it is perfect with a mini-skirt and tights for slowlife days. 
  • In winter, slip on big socks to stay stylish under an XXL coat and a maxi scarf!  
  • And the first day of spring? A white t-shirt, mom jeans, little cowboy boots and that's it! 
  • And finally, summer, your cowboy boots are a safe bet for the trendiest festival looks. 


One shoe, 4 seasons: the cowboy boot is much more than a trend, it's a state of mind! 

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